Monday, April 29, 2013

Week of April 28, 2013: Lives, Plans, and Dreams

Dear Everyone,
 Thanks so much for all your letters and helping me to know what's going on. I hope I can reciprocate well---I'll try. This week we had a couple new things that we haven't before. On Monday, we did exchanges with our district leader and his companion, who serve in a place called Po-hang. Both of them are named Elder Park, and are really funny and great. One of them, Elder Park Je-hoon, and I, got to visit a bunch of the members of our branch together. We recently started a program of reading certain scriptures about missionary work every day for a few weeks, at the end of which all the members will write their testimony in a copy of the Book of Mormon and give it to someone they know. It made me think about programs like that in church that I never really participated in well. When we visited members, we found out they're all really doing it diligently, which is really great. I know I've probably said this before, but they're all incredibly busy. In general, people don't really have free time. But that they're still able to make time to do things like that, to be together as a family, and to have us over and help us is really a miracle, and shows how amazing and dedicated they are. I'm so grateful for them, and for everything they do for us.
That day it rained a lot---it's usually pretty cloudy here, but it hasn't rained that much until recently. But we also planned to try doing kind of a survey with people---about their lives, plans, dreams, etc. Even though most people were pretty busy, running around with colorful umbrellas, we were able to talk to one guy who was really friendly. He owns a cell phone store, and told us we could come and visit him later and talk with him. It was pretty great---we were pretty wet and tired, but being able to talk to him made it worth it. After we finished the exchange, Elder Moon, my companion, and most of the other native Korean missonaries went to go take an English test for college entrance. I got to see some of the other missionaries I know but haven't seen in a long time, and see how they were doing, which was pretty great. Later on in the week, Elder Moon and I were able to talk to a lot of new people just on the street, which is pretty new. We talked to a lot of high-school students, who are almost always really busy, but really friendly. And then we met a guy from Pakistan who was really nice. His name is Alsam, and he's lived in Korea for a while. He studied religion in college, and he said he would come to church this week. It was pretty amazing---I don't think I ever would have expected to meet him, and honestly wasn't even sure if he would really come. When we went to meet him, he showed up, and looked kind of tired and sick. It turns out he has a pretty bad dental problem, and was in a lot of pain, but he wanted to keep his promise. He wasn't able to stay for all of church, but it was great to be able to talk to him, and he said he'd come again next week. 
Lately, I've been thinking about things that other people have written e-mails about, and that I've studied in the scriptures about lately. We are totally dependent on the Lord and on other people for everything, and we have to remember that always. I'm so grateful for your e-mails, and for all that you've given me. I know Heavenly Father loves you, and wants to bless you all so much. I love you, and I hope you're all happy and safe. Keep it up. 
-Elder Campbell                  

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