Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week of April 21, 2013 (sorry so late!): Love!

Dear Family,
Every time this time comes around, I can't help but think of how much I love all of you. That might not have anything immediate to do with things here, with day to day life, but really it does to me. This week we spent a lot of time going to people's apartments, which is pretty different---something I've done a few times before, but not really too much. But there are so many apartments here, and people are so busy that I thought we might have to just try it more. I'm pretty sure I already talked about it, but people usually talk through the door whenever people come to their houses (usually apartments), so usually they just politely say they're not interested or already go to the Buddhist temple. But whenever they do open the door, even for a minute, and we get to see a bit of what they're doing, it's pretty nice. Since we usually go in the evenining, a lot of people are eating dinner together with their families---usually sitting on the floor around low tables, about the height of coffee tables. We also lately see a lot of parents walking around with their kids---and things like that always make me remember good things we did together as a family. Then I get to hear you guys talk about Emily/Adam/Charlie, Pat/Becca/Ruby/Henry/Roscoe/Etta, etc., and crazy, good memories you're all making with them. I'm so grateful for the amazing family Heavenly Father gave me, and I hope you guys always know that. I've been remembering a lot of things lately, and they're always about you.
We also went this week to Busan to meet with all the other missionaries who are doing training. I still sometimes feel like I'm not really qualified to be doing it---but I know it's something I need to do, and I need to help my new companion. He's doing really well. He gets along really well with all the members, and other people we talk with---he's really kind and outgoing. He's also trying to learn English a lot, which is really cool. In general Koreans start learning English when they're pretty young, and already know kind of a lot. We're trying to teach each other, and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. In general, right now we don't have too many investigators. There are two other missionaries here, and already have a lot of relationships well established. I know that's not an excuse or anything, but it just means we'll have to work harder to find and help new people. I hope all of you are happy, and know how much I love you. I know God loves all of us, and that even though sometimes we make it hard for ourselves to feel it, that He always loves all people. I love you all---keep it up.
-Elder Campbell

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