Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week of May 27 2013: The Lion King

Dear Everyone,
I know that's one I've used a lot, so I hope that's okay. This week was great. We met lots of people and I thought a lot about all of you, and I hope everyone's good. We actually got to visit a lot of the members of our branch this week, for a few reasons---they're all really busy, but a few of them we've never really been able to meet with had free time finally, including a woman who comes by herself and lives pretty far from the church. Her son also came back from a mission in California recently. We ate with them, which was really good, and then talked about their family and the gospel, and missionary work. We shared a part of a talk that my companion found recently, which is quoted in a lot of places, but it says faith is a principle of power and action. They both shared their testimonies, too, and overall it was really powerful visit. Every time we get to do things like that it reminds me of how much the gospel has blessed people here, and how it truly strenghtens them to do all the different things they do in their lives. We also weren't able to visit the one kind of real investigator we have right now, who works at the phone store---but I've been thinking about some of the things he talked about before with us, how all people have different perspective and so religion is inherently subjective. I've actually wondered about those kinds of things a lot myself, and it's something I think is hard to understand. But I know how much God loves all people and completely understands them, even though it's impossible for us to comprehend.
Also on Wednesday we had inteviews with our mission president. He got to our church kind of late, so we had some time to talk with the rest of our district members. It went pretty long, because our district is pretty big, but we talked about a lot of good stuff, including The Lion King. Sorry this is short, but I want you all to know how much I love you and even though I'm imperfect I'm trying to be better. Thank you all for your help and love, and keep sharing it with other people around you. I love you guys.
-Elder Campbell

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