Friday, April 5, 2013

Week of April 1 2013: Elders Campbell and Moon Hun-jin

Dear Fambly,
Sorry, I think I already used that one. I'm sorry I always talk about how I'm not good at writing e-mails and things like that---I've really been trying to just remember experiences after they happen. This week was a different, so hopefully I'll be able to remember better. I left Jinju, which was weird, and a little sad, and then was with one of the other missionaries who's serving in my new area and one of the other missionaries who I came with and who also didn't have a companion. The first one is Elder Hahn. He's a really cool guy---he grew up in New Zealand, but his family is from Korea, and he speaks both languages really well. The other is Elder Hall, who's from St. George and is really nice and cool. We were together for a few days, which some people call a "threesome"---but basically just doing missionary work with more people. It was actually really interesting. We got to visit a lot of people in a different area and eat with them. Specifically we visited a family in the branch here, which is a place called Ho-geh, a part of a bigger city called Ursan (Urlsan). I'll try not to worry about the pronunciation too much---but anyway, we ate something called kimchi-chigeh with them. It's actually one my favorite things I've had here for a long time. It's basically just really hot soup with kimchi, tofu, vegetables, and other really good things. The family is pretty big, and the parents have siblings living nearby who they go to church together with, so there were a lot of cousins visiting, and it was fun. It reminded me of family gatherings, and made me miss you guys more.
And then on Wednesday we had a meeting with the new missionaries, which was kind of surreal, but good. There are a lot more missionaries coming to Korea in the next few months. Almost all of the people who just came are from Korea, and the majority of them are sister missionaries.  We did kind of an activity together, and then ate together (also kimchi-chigeh). Then I met my new companion, Elder Moon Hun-jin. He's really amazing. He just finished his military time, and came as soon as he could. He has a really strong desire to do well, and is really enthusiastic. He was a primary teacher before, and plays the piano. I don't think I'm describing the events very well, but he's really great, and hopefully we'll be able to learn and do a lot here together. It's a little different because I've only been here as long as he has---a lot of the time it seems like we know about the same amount. But the members in the branch here are really great and helpful---it felt a little different from church in my last area, partially because it's a little bigger---but I'm sure it'll be really great.
I think thing I've noticed the most this week is that it really is almost spring here, too. In Ho-geh, kind of unlike Jinju, there are cherry trees everywhere. On one street near our house, they're lined up all down the road, next to car shops and restaraunts and things like that. There are also more mountains around in this area, and overall it's really beautiful, and an interesting mix. I took just a few pictures, and I'll try to take more this week. It also reminded me of something I almost forgot of this week---that it's Easter. In Korea it's not a very big holiday---there aren't baskets or anything. And even though there are flowers and stuff here the weather's not quite sunny and warm, like Easter usually is. I know those aren't great reasons, but when I did remember that it was happening, I felt how really amazing and wonderful the gospel is. I know Christ was resurrected, and all people can be, and that if we follow him we can live together with our families, which is ultimately the happiest thing we can imagine. I hope you al know how much I love you, and love people here, and how grateful I am to be here. I miss you all, but I love you, and I know how much you've brought me and how grateful I am. Keep it up.  

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