Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week of June 23 2013: Little kid magic

Dear Whole Family,

I'm really glad I get to write to you all together like this. I kind
of imagine you all together reading it. I hope everything was good
this week, and it sounded like it. This week was a little different,
but really good, too. My companion got transferred, and the missionary
who was serving where he is came here. His name is Elder Lee (Ee), and
he's really great. He's really funny. He likes little things, and also
eats a lot of yogurt. I don't know why I mentioned that---it's just
not very common here. Another new missionary came here, too---his name
is Elder Jeong (Jung), and he's really cool and funny. Elder Lee is a
little quieter than Elder Moon, and that's a bit different---but good.
The less-active sister we were finally able to visit a few weeks ago
(I think I mentioned her name is Sister Shin (Sheen)) has been coming
to church a lot, and wanted her son to get ready to be baptized. So we
were helping to teach him a lot this week, with other members.  We had
to teach a little differently to help him understand, but he's really
smart, and the members helped a lot. One is named Brother Gwak
(Gwock), and he's really cool and nice. He's graduating from college,
and was just baptized a few years ago, but he really loves the gospel
and was able to help a lot. He compared getting baptized to riding on
a roller-coaster---at first it's scary, and before you do it you're
nervous and don't know what to expect. But afterward it's an
experience you'll never forget, and things like that. It was really
good. This week on Sunday, we also had a branch conference, which was
good. We visited a lot of less-active members to try to see if they
could come. A lot of them are really busy or are on vacation, so it
was kind of hard---then we also had a branch activity on Saturday the
night before. Each family prepared a little part, including dancing
and little-kid magic. It was cheesy and cute. Then on Sunday, a lot of
people came, including our mission president. It was great to see him
and his wife, and lots of new people. Another person who came was one
of our members' mom, Sister Kim. She came last week, and we talked
with her and her son together during church. She's really nice, and an
amazing person, but still has a lot of trouble understanding religion.
I think she kind of got the wrong impression of what we do, and we
just tried to understand her thoughts and questions and help her. She
said for a while she'd never prayed before, but then her son asked her
about the times when she needed help---when she was sick, someone got
hurt, etc., and talked about how sometimes he has prayed without doing
it like it's written in the pamphlet, but that he knows when he needs
help Heavenly Father hears him. She said she has had similar
experiences, and it was really great that she understood more the
personal importance of her relationship with God. I know what her son
said was true, and that I felt the Spirit when he said it. After all
of church, we had Sister Shin's son's baptismal service. It was really
nice---all the members came together with their kids, and it was loud
and crazy like usual. Brother Gwak baptized him, and it was really
great t. Later that night we went out to try to talk to people, even
though it was a little rainy. We ended up being able to talk with a
bunch of people, some of whom we'd actually already met before. It was
really cool---one was a student we met on the bus a long time ago. We
didn't even talk very much then, and I didn't recognize him
at first. He was sitting at a bus stop near our house, and I thought
we should try to talk to him. It turns out he's going to the army
tomorrow, and he was on the way to talk to one of his friends. We
talked for a while, and even though we wouldn't be able to meet him
again asked if we could help, and he asked if we could pray for him to
be safe. It was a really weird, but good experience. I know there are
so many people in the world, but that God knows and is aware of all of
them. I know I'll never be good enough at thinking of other people all
the time, but I'm trying, and I know that God and Christ know all of
us. I'm so grateful for all of you guys and all you're doing and have
given me. I hope you're happy, and I know you're helping so many other
people. Keep it up. I miss and love you all.
>> -Elder Campbell

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