Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week of January 27, 2013: Baptism!

Dear Fambly,

I hope everyone's good. I know my e-mails are always inadequate, but
thanks so much for writing, anyway. This week was good. It seems like
everyone else is still pretty cold---sorry about that. It was really
cold here for a while, but it's been getting better recently. I
finally remembered to bring my camera and send some pictures---they're
pretty self-explanatory.

Yesterday it was warm enough for one of our investigators to be
baptized. I think I've told some of you about her before---her name is
Kim Hyon-ju, and she's pretty awesome. She goes to college here in
Jinju, and wants to go to grad school in the U.S. She's studying
psychology, and is overall really great. She really wants to learn
about everything, and has a great desire to act on the things she
learns. She's very kind and nice, and our ward really loves her.
Overall, it was really nice.

I know you're all busy. but I hope you're all happy. I've recently
been reading D&C a bit, and have noticed a bunch of scriptures that
tell us to be diligent, but also to not be too hasty. I think it's an
important thing for all of us to remember. Every day, I'm reminded of
how grateful I am for all of you, and for everything you've given me.
I hope you all know how much I love and miss you. Keep it up.-

-Elder Campbell-

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