Monday, July 22, 2013

Week of July 22 2013: Military-drill-exercise-activity

Dear Family,

This week was again kind of a blur, but really good. One good thing
was we got to visit a few less active sisters who are really cool
people, but just don't know the members here very well and are busy.
One of them I think I mentioned before, Sister Choi (Chway), who has
kind of a skin problem on her face, but is really cool, kind, and
showed us a bunch of pictures from when she went on a mission soon
after being baptized (one of the toilet in her apartment). It was
interesting how we got to talk to her---during the week, one of the
other people in our district had to go to a
military-drill-exercise-activity, which people who have already gone
to the military here have to do every year. So we went to where he
serves, a place called 경주 (Kyung-joo), which is apparently really
famous---it has a lot of historical castles and things like that. So
we went with him to visit a less-active member who lives in a
remodeled old-style house with a roof and small doorways, and that
less-active member started calling a bunch of the other members and
asking if they had sent us there. One of them I met before a while ago
at a church meal/activity, and she told us to say hi to the other
less-active member we visited (Sister Choi). Sorry if that was
confusing, but in the end we got to tell her that other people are
still thinking about her and miss her, and it was nice. We also got to
talk to a cool person who's been coming to our English class for a
while, but we haven't been able to talk about church with yet a lot. I
was a little worried she might feel pressured, but she said she liked
the people at church she's met, and how we call each other "brother"
and "sister", and said she would try coming to church once. So we got
to see her again on Sunday, and talk more. She's really good at
English, drawing, and smart in general, and really likes fantasy
books. When we were talking about religion, she showed us the Philip
Pullman book ("The Golden Compass", I think) she's reading, and had
some questions about the things in there. It was really interesting.
She also talked about some of the hard things with her family. She's a
really cool, hard-working, nice person, and I hope we can help her to
get the help she needs and Heavenly Father wants to give her.

Sorry this is short again---we got back here kind of late, and don't
have much time. But every day and every week, I'm inspired by the
other members and missionaries and people around me, and know that
Heavenly Father helped them all to be where they are so we could help
each other. I know the gospel is true, and especially that the Book
compiled by Mormon is directly from God and for us. I love you guys,
and miss you---I know how much you're helping everyone around you, and
I'm so grateful always for the things you have taught and given me. I
love you---keep it up.

-Elder Campbell

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