Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week of July 27 2014: Thick Noodles and Repentance

Dear Family,

Sorry again about the last time---that was the first time that's ever happened to us while using the computers here, but we'll be more careful in the future. It is a college, but they have a free computer lab that anyone can use, but it just closes pretty early in the evening. There's usually just a few students---always wearing cool clothes and watching online lectures or making presentations.

Before talking about this past week, I wanted to review some of the things that I wasn't able to mention in the e-mail last time. On Thursday, the day after our district meeting, we were able to meet again with 조형제님 (Brother Jo), who I think I mentioned before, but just to remind, he was sitting next to me on a bus coming back from another meeting somewhere, and even though is pretty shy and didn't even want to say his name at first, kept asking questions about us and our church. He's in his twenties, and does cleaning work, but has at least a little free time every week. He has been coming almost every week to see the church, talk, and do something simple together. We met at the church, went to eat lunch at a 칵국수 (Kar Gook-soo: thick noodles) restauraunt, and then talked about repentance. He seemed to know basically about it, having already gone to a different church for about a year, but he did ask a few times about things like Adam and Eve, and how if they hadn't eaten the fruit they wouldn't have sinned, and so wouldn't have the bad consequences of sin, either. In the end, we showed a video that came out pretty recently---박장로님 (Elder Park(Pock)), my companion, really likes it. It's the one called "Because of Him", and kind of sums up Christ's role in helping us to restart through repentance. He seemed to like it, and said he would try to pray personally and try repenting for himself. He's very nice, and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to meet him and help him to know how the Gospel of Christ can bless his life.

During the rest of the week, there were two main events that we spent most of our time preparing for, the first of which being a stake 초등회 (primary) activity that was held in our building. The primary leaders, including 조자매님 (Sister Jo), who is the wife of the previous branch president, is very happy and kind and helpful always, asked us to help set up a kind of mini swimming pool for the primary kids. There's no blow-up pool or anything, but they asked us to use a lot of sandbags that are in one of the storage closets in the church, and the tarp that is used whenever the ward has a meal together, to try to make one. We spent a while trying to figure out the right size to make a circle of sandbags with, and after trying and failing a few times figured out one tha worked. It didn't look very fancy, but luckily it worked out alright in the end. We and the Sisters also set up some activities for the younger kids to do while the older ones went to a 박물관 (museum), including eating onion-ring-type 과자 (snacks, like chips, etc.) off of a string, duck-duck-goose, and other things like that. It was long, but fun. And on Sunday, after church, there was a fireside for President Barrow, since he recently newly came, at a different ward in Busan. We left the church to take a bus there, and realized we could almost feel the moisture in the air. We started to feel some pretty big drops, and then all of a sudden it started raining a lot. We were able to get to the bus stop by going through the 경전철 (light rail) station, by which time it was pretty similar to taking a shower outside. When the bus came, we just went to get on, and were immediately wet. It was kind of crazy, but also kind of fun at the same time. By the time we got there it had stopped raining, and we went to help set up chairs and things, as well as to practice a song that the leaders requested that all the missionaries do. It was just the "E.F.Y. Medley", so it didn't need a lot of practice or anything really, but just to sit down together one time and sing it, which we were able to do right before the meeting started. They had also asked me to translate for it---even it was a pretty old building, and the microphone was kind of echo-y, it worked out alright in the end, and all the talks were very inspiring, especially President Barrow, who talked about, as he has before, the basics of faith and acting on it. He illustrated it with an experience of training for a bike race, which he has done throughout his life, and accidentally swallowing a huge moth, which everyone will probably remember for a long time. In the end, it was a really great meeting.

It was a great week, and I didn't want to leave out those parts of it. I'll send the other e-mail soon.

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