Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week of September 16, 2013: Shoes That Squeak

Dear Family,
This was a pretty good week.  First of all, as dad mentioned, it hasn't been too hot---or too cold at all. It was a little windy for a bit, but it went off. And now it's just good. I don't know why some of you didn't get the e-mail from last week, but that was a good one, too, ending with going to a different area with Elder Lee (Ee), from my last district, to his area in 포항 (Poh-hong), in a different part of Ulsan.  We bought a chair for the house there, and then went to teach their English class, which was interesting. There are always different people around there, but usually are all interested in English and less-common phrases and things. One of the members who attends there came, because she lived in Utah for a long time, and it turns out she also went on a mission to Taiwan, and so speaks all languages. It was fun and interesting. Then we went back to Busan to the mission office, to meet the new people who came. They were all interesting. After just having a meeting with them we did a practice-proselyting activity, as usual. We just walked around the city and rode the subway, and everyone I was with was really excited to meet and help the people in Korea. It reminded me of how great it is to be here---to serve all the students, all the older people, everyone with their phones, cute little kids who wear shoes that sqeak every time they step. Then we came back the next morning and found out who our companions were. My awesome, really cool and great new companion is named Elder Judd, and he's form Syracuse, Utah. We didn't actually do the activity together, and so we pretty much met each other for the first time then, but he's really great, smiley, tall, nice, humble. After we figured out everything, we waited for the office missionaries, both of whom I know pretty well and are really nice, to finish taking other people places, and then they drove us through the city and over to where we could take the bus back here. We rode the bus, and he looked out the window pretty much the whole time, really excited to see everything. We just talked about the area and the people here, and then got off and tried to go back to our house with a bunch of huge bags to take. We ended up taking a taxi, and talking to the driver, who's been working here for about six years or so, and said this last summer was the hottest one he remembers. We got back to our house, and took everything up there, and just talked about everyone here. We have a book with pictures of all the members in it, so we just looked at that and talked about it. It was nice.
The next day we took a long bus ride and went to visit a less-active member who hasn't been to church for a long time but likes the missionaries, and really likes the "Liahona." He still gets it every month, and apparently studies it really deeply and thoroughly. He says he likes how the things it talks about are easy to understand, and can really be applied in our lives. He also asked us to help him to buy something for his work from a website in English. Really the problem was just a silly computer thing---required fields, and so on. But he was really excited about it. He showed us all the things he could do with that computer program---saving things, downloading them and putting them in a different place. It was interesting, and nice because he was so excited about it. Then we went and talked about something from the last General Conference---it was President Uchtdorf's talk to the young women about journies. It was really good. His daughter and his wife were both there at the time, which was pretty different. His wife isn't actually a member, and the past times we've met him she usually stays in a different room or doesn't really talk. But this time she stayed and listened, and even asked some questions about the pre-mortal life; it was pretty great. Elder Judd bore his testimony very sincerely, and everyone was able to feel how strong and nice of a person and missionary he is. It was a really great experience. Then we met the next day, after our English class, with Brother Hahn, the member who was baptized last week. He's doing really well, and we just talked about Joseph Smith, the priesthood, and others with him and one of our members who just came back recently from a mission. It seemed like he was able to understand some things he was confused about, specifically what the priesthood is, and why we have it. While we were preparing for it, and talking about it, I personally thought about and realized how great it was that Heavenly Father provided a way for us to recieve the blessings of the gospel and to serve each other. I don't know---it was really good. Then on Sunday, we had our first long weekly planning time, which was a little hard at first---but we were able to finish it, and go and talk with some people just around our house. They were all nice, especially to Elder Judd, since he's still learning about things.
I realized this week the importance of being excited and working hard to do the things we've been asked to. My companion is really enthusiastic and excited, and I just hope I can show a good example and help him to have a really great experience. I know you are all doing that for other people around you, helping them to be good, being excited and working hard with all the things you do, and making the world a better place. I don't know---maybe it sounds silly, but I love you guys. Thanks so much for everything---keep it up.
-Elder Campbell 

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