Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week of March 3: Everyone Supports Each Other

Dear Everyone,

Hey guys---we're back in the post office, which is really the most exciting place around here. I might have mentioned it before, but the postal service here is really nice. They have all the boxes, tape, and everything you need to send here for free, and also lots of reading glasses and things like that---I don't know. It's hard to explain. This week was interesting. I was kind of in a rush last week, and still am a little, but I'll try to do okay. My new companion's name is Ahn Young-gyoon. He's really great. He just came from a city called Kim-chun, which is kind of like the countryside, and Jin-ju is kind of a bigger city, so he was a little surprised at first. He also couldn't believe how dirty our apartment was---I guess I kind of just got used to it. But we cleaned a bunch, and tried to visit a bunch of people, most of whom moved a while ago. I found out how much I don't know about the bus system here, but it worked out alright. 

We met with Sister Lee (E), who I think I talked about before. She's really great---she wants to go to B.Y.U., and is applying there now. Elder Ahn was worried that she thinks she needs to join the church to go (or in order to get a discount)---but she's really diligently trying to learn on her own, and is a really great person. And the members in our ward are really trying to help her a lot. I think I'll have to write more about our ward next time---they're all really amazing. We had a meeting with the ward leaders, though I'm not sure why we didn't really do it ever before---but it was really awesome to see how much they care about each other and how hard they work. Specifically, the Relief Society leaders are really great---they talked to us for a while about people they thought we should help, and they've helped us with a lot of other stuff before. It was a little different teaching with someone new, which is to be expected---but my new companion's really great, and things are great in general. 

This week we also met a lot of new people in our district---my companion's the new district leader, so he has to call people a lot, and I'm learning more about how much everyone supports each other. We had our first meeting, and then went to a restaurant we've been to a lot, but is really great. If anyone has time, look up Soon-Tubu Jjigeh---it's basically really hot soup with soft tofu, which maybe doesn't sound great but it's really awesome. We've also been going to the toast restaurant pretty often.

I hope everyone's doing well. It's crazy to hear about all the great things you're all doing. I hope you all know how much I love and miss you all. I know the church is true, and how much Heavenly Father loves all of you. I know things are hard, but I also know that that's what helps us learn. Keep it up.

-Elder Campbell

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